April 1, 2021

Air³ Solar Powerbank

20.000 mAh

Large capacity and solar charge

The AIR³ Solar Powerbank has a capacity of 20.000 mAh.

It is a multifunctional powerbank with detachable solar panels.

With a USB cable with magnetic type-C head (optional for 7.2) or the Pogopin cable (included with 7.3), it allows to easily connect the Solar Powerbank to AIR³ (or any other instrument) while flying.

AIR³ Solar Powerbank is included in the AIR³ Power Base.

Powerbank without solar panels: 430 gr

Detachable solar panels: 147 gr

Solar panels

4 solar panels (3 are removable) of 1.5 W each (total = 6 W) allow it to be recharged if you run out of energy and you do not have a power source nearby.

Recharge it on your way to the take off…

For any flight instrument

2 X 5V/2A USB can be used to charge 2 different devices. To quickly charge it, you can either choose the USB type-C or the micro-USB 5V/2A connector.

With AIR³

AIR³ has a 10.000 mAh battery. Depending on your goals (several days trekking, avoid the worry if you forget to recharge the battery before takeoff, very long flight with maximum energy consumption,…), you may be willing to extend the energy capacity of AIR³ to never have to worry about it.

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