April 23, 2019


There are 3 ways to increase readability:

  • ideal tilt to have the screen right in front of your eyes
  • high brightness (nits).
  • high contrast screen (eInk/black and white)


The most efficient way to increase readability is to tilt the screen, have it perpendicular to your eyes.

AIR³ 7.2 has a high brightness screen and can be used with a Base to tilt the screen ideally.

4 types of Base are available:

  • 3 Base designed for AIR³: ABS, Metal and Paramotor
  • 1 Base designed for any smartphone: Smart Multi-Base

2 options:

  • Crab Clamp: option for Metal Base and Smart Multi-Base
  • Seat Plate: option for Paramotor Base


ABS Base. Easy set up with one hand to tilt the screen by 33° or 43° (165 gr).

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Metal Base for AIR³: Aluminium alloy with a double head articulated arm to position it the way you want (335 gr).

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Paramotor Base for AIR³. Made for trikes with a crab clamp to fix AIR³ on the tube.

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Smart Multi-Base: to use with any smartphone

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Crab clamp. Replace the Seat Plate with the Crab Clamp to add many other ways to use the Base.

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Seat Plate. Replace the Crab Clamp with the Seat Plate to add many other ways to use the Base.

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