December 23, 2021

Air³ & XCTrack Pro Manual

Welcome to the AIR³ and XCTrack Pro online manual

You have received a paper Quick User Guide with your Air³. To get an electronic version, follow this link.

This online manual consists of several parts:

Main features of AIR³: buttons and main features description

XC Guide and its specificities for AIR³: How to use XC Guide with AIR³ and XCTrack. It also includes specific features of XC Guide for AIR³.

XCTrack Pro : Complete online manual for XCTrack pro.

XCTrack Pro Widget Manual: part of the XCTrack Pro Manual, this sub-manual details each widget.


Start upXCTrack LaunchAIR3 ButtonsXCTrack ButtonsOpen menuZoom in/outSwitch pagesPrevious/Next waypointIncrease/decrease brightnessMake a callTurn on/off vario soundContextual MenuEnable Fanet/FlarmQuit XCTrack.

Waypoints ( + Files + Waypoints) – Back to takeoffTriangle closingWaypoint (Go to)Competition task/routeCreate a route/task with the Friendly Air Tool and scan the QR code generated into AIR³ easily

StatsRoutesXcontestCloud flightsIGC replay

Read more details in the XCTrack Pro Widgets  Manual below

PilotLivetrackingAircraftXC Disciplines and CompetitionAltimeter/QNH settingsAirspaces (+ Web + Files + Activate + Settings)Maps (+ Terrain + RoadMap)Sound (+ Acoustic Vario + Custom sound)DisplayPage LayoutKey bindingsAutomatic actionsConnection & sensorsAndroid integrationTesting & DebugSubscription & Pro.

FlightsMessagesXcontest live webpage