January 7, 2020

Readability matters

Readability is key to a flight instrument. Most of the time, pilots think that there are only 2 ways to get good readability: use a black and white screen, losing all the color information, or use a brighter screen.

We believe that the most important factor in increasing readability is to obtain a screen perpendicular to the eye.

Look at these 2 screens: one with 400 nits (AIR³ 7.1) and the second with 1000 nits (AIR³ 7.2). When tilted, both are very readable with  small advantage for the 1000 nits screen:


When they are not tilted, the 1000 nits screen is more readable.

If you compare a 400 nits screen tilted with a 1000 nits screen not tilted, the 400 nits screen is more readable


A Base has been designed to let pilots tilt the screen on their cockpit.

Readability comparison with other flight instruments

Watch also this small video showing the readability of AIR³ 7.1 and Oudie Naviter.