October 23, 2019

XCTrack Pro Widgets – Livetracking

This page gives details on the widget that is in the “Livetracking” subsection. The wiget can be accessed by customizing the XCTrack Pro pages pre-installed on AIR³. Remember that your customisations will be lost if you reset XCTrack Pro interface with AIR³ Manager, if you change the profile (Kiss, Easy, Expert, Paramotor) or if you load a different configuration file ‘xcfg’.

You can find more information regarding Livetracking status in the Status line widget in the System subsection.

Read more details how to enable Livetracking in Menu/Preferences/Livetracking and the Livetracking features while flying in Menu/Livetracking.

Watch the XCTrack Pro Tutorial video for more details regarding the use of Livetracking features.

Click on the + sign to read the details.

Incoming messages

Text messages from the livetracking channel.

You can decide the number of messages to show in the widget and the time after which the message disappears.

Every preconfigured pages of AIR³ will display the Livetracking messages for 1 minut. The main communication page of AIR³ contains a larger livetracking message widget to display the messages for 1 hour.

Example of the communication page of AIR³ with Livetracking messages:

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