All in one rugged 7" Android vario, GPS, LIVETRACKING, phablet.... and much more

AIR³ 7.35 & 7.35+ !

2200 nits screen - Octacore 2.0 Ghz - Ram/Rom: 8Gb/128 Gb - New/improved Vario



Cedric S (France), about AIR³

I have flown with almost everything: traditional flight instruments of course, a hacked kobo bought in the US (which let me go in the middle of one of my best flight), and finally a Samsung 7" tablet combo with XCtrack + XC tracer II.

The AIR³ is made for our activity and is the perfect answer to our needs, and without messing around with cables in all directions, bluetooth connections that crash, etc ... The price is largely justified, there is everything in it, you turn it on and you fly, period.


Brandon M (USA), about AIR³

″I tried the AIR3 in 1 first flight. The device is by far the best what I have seen on the market so far. The screen is outstanding.″

Bob S (Australia), about AIR³

″I flew exclusively with the Air³  at the Manilla, XC Camp for the last week. Conditions were difficult for Manilla with broken thermals low down until around 1500 -1700m when things seemed to join up. The Air³ vario was excellent, on a par with the XCtracer . I am very fond of the XCtracer and compare every vario to it. The screen is excellent, I would say its the best I have used. Better than my phone, Google Pixel 2XL. No problems in bright sun ; on my Advance lightness the angle of the cockpit is perfect. One of my flights was 6 ½ hrs. I fly with a Le GPS Solar panel which also has a 5600 Ah battery. At the end of the flight the solar battery was exhausted and the Air3 was at 43%. I was using the internet and whatsapp while flying (for retrieve) so realise that there are things I could do to make the battery last longer.
The newer version of Android means that I can run all my apps on the tablet. I am very happy with this instrument.
If anyone in Victoria, Australia would like to check it out give me a shout.…″

Manu 974 (Reunion), about AIR³

″In 32 years of flights, a lot of Alti vario +/- Gps have passed through my hands (I could almost open a museum).
I have almost always been disappointed by their poorly finalized, poorly scalable software with often bugs forcing the instrument to reset in flight, with generally a fragile case, a screen that is not very readable and an ergonomics not suitable for handling in flight.
This is why I find it interesting that a company finally decides to integrate XCTrack into its instruments because it is for me the most successful flight software for the moment, designed by people who know our expectations. (...)
I was able to try the Air3. I was pleasantly surprised by its readability in flight even in direct sunlight. It is much better than on my FlyMaster Nav which is the only instrument I have kept in all these years.
The vario is completely synchronous with FM.
Nice product i keep it.…″

Key features

Go to Industrial grade GPS

Industrial grade GPS

Go to large autonomy

large autonomy

Go to Accurate vario

Accurate vario

Go to Phone&Message


Go to Sun readability

Sun readability

Discover AIR³ in a video

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Perpetual licence of XCTrack Pro

Preconfigured and customised version
Advanced and user friendly flight app

XCTrack is a complete flight software for paragliding and paramotor pilots. - both for free flight and competitions. The PRO version contains features that are not available with the "standard" version. The XCTrack development team will increase these additional features in future upgrades. AIR³ comes with a PRO version of XCTrack with a perpetual license. This means that the pilots using AIR³ will benefit from these new features when they become available.

Check what makes XCTrack Pro Unique

AIR³ Manager

XCTrack' s best friend to ease the use of AIR³

AIR³ Manager

Small app that interacts with XCTrack

XCTrack Widget

Launch XCTrack on boot or manually

Profile & Theme

Select your prefered profile and theme

With AIR³ Manager, you don’t need anymore to understand all the powerful features of XCTrack to change the profile, the theme or some basic functionalities.
AIR³ Vario GPS android tab
AIR³ Manager gives you the opportunity to auto-launch XCTrack on boot. You quit XCTrack? Click on the large widget to launch it.
AIR³ Manager Vario GPS android tab
Choose one of the preinstalled profiles: Kiss (Keep It So Simple), Easy (for XC and Leisure), Expert for Advanced Pilots and Competitors or Paramotor. Select your favorite theme. AIR³ Manager takes care of the rest.

Increased readability & autonomy

Still not convinced? Ask your local dealer for a test unit or take advantage of our "satisfied or refunded" commitment if there isn't local dealers yet.