December 21, 2023

Outdoor activities

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Originally designed for flying, AIR³ is also an ideal tool for many other types of outdoor activities. Based on Android, it can run any Android application. This expands the possible uses without limit. If you need a robust instrument, very readable in direct sunlight, with a large autonomy, waterproof, with a very powerful GPS, etc.. AIR³ will meet your needs perfectly. AIR³ is a mix of GPS, smartphone, tablet, ruggedized for heavy use.

Different brackets have been designed to attach the AIR³ to different supports. For example, the paramotor base can be used to attach the AIR³ to a motorcycle handlebar and use it as a perfect navigation GPS.

Google maps app, OpenStreet maps app (OsmAnd) are for example two very good apps with navigation features and offline maps that will match most of navigation needs.

Check additional details on the use of Land GPS navigation system on AIR³ in this FAQ.

While AIR³ 7.3+ has specific features for flying (Fanet and Flarm), AIR³ 7.3 is ideal for any outdoor activity. Check the specifications of AIR³ 7.3 here.