April 22, 2019

XCTrack Pro

XCTrack Pro

XCTrack is probably the best flight App in the world.

The XCTrack team has been involved in the AIR³ project since the beginning. We worked together and they tested the AIR³ so that the application is optimized for the specificities of the AIR³.

AIR³ comes with a customized and improved version of XCTrackPRO.

XCTrack Pro is a new version of XCTrack made by XContest.org team with new features that are not available in the “standard” version of XCTrack.

Each future new version of XCTrack will contain new dedicated features for the Pro version.

AIR³ is provided with a perpetual licence of XCTrack Pro. Pilots using AIR³ will benefit from these new features through every new release of XCTrack Pro.

AIR³ Vario GPS android tab

AIR³ Manager interacts with XCTrack. You can easily change the profile or the theme according to your preferences without the need of understanding all the ins and outs of each XCTrack setting.

Check the different profiles and themes that have been preconfigured and customised.

Livetracking and messaging are included in the version of XCTrack supplied with AIR³. You have the opportunity to either insert a Sim card into the AIR³ to directly get the connexion required,… or share your data through Wifi directly from your smartphone.

XCTrack remains fully customisable according to your needs. If you want to revert back to the default settings, no problem, the AIR³ Manager gives you that opportunity through a reset feature.


List of features available with XCTrack Pro, not available in the standard version

Webpage widget

Get specific preconfigured webpages directly within XCTrack to get specific information while flying. As usual you can add different additinoal widgets on that page, so that you keep an eye on the most important info (speed, altitude, direction, vario).

Here are a few examples:

Rain radar

Check rain radar next to you while flying to anticipate problems

Webpage widget

Wind map

Check a map with wind direction and strength while flying to optimize your flight.


Check on the map the airplanes while flying to check activity around you.

Custom sound

Allows the pilot to use his preferred custom sound or use a predefined sound, including dynamic frequencies. Check more details in Menu/Preferences/Sound page

Search waypoints

New search tool to directly find the waypoint you are looking for

Front camera

To scan the task QRcode, to input a  URL with the webpage widget.

Keep your device on your cockpit and get the task from the front camera.

You can also take advantage of the tool Fly Air Tool to easily create a route and scan it with AIR³.

Rain radar

You can display the rain radar directly on the map.

It is updated every 10 minutes. The data load is negligible. If it rains, there would be a few kilobytes, a maximum of tens of kilobytes transferred. It uses the same service that anyone can see on the Livetraking web page.

The rain radar tiles are displayed exactly over the visible area on the map.

For reasons of readability, we do not recommend that you use the rain radar with the Roadmap.

You can activate Rainradar on the XC map and Task map. Read more details how to configure these widgets in the XCTrack Pro Widgets manual

New widgets

AIR³ Vario GPS android tab XCTrack Pro

Brightness of the display

The Brightness of the display widget shows current brightness of the display..

This widget allows you to better manage the energy consumption by knowing the exact level of brightness. Check more details in the System subsection of XCTrack Pro widgets manual.

Read also more details about best brightness level  for AIR³ in this FAQ.

Brightness widgets

Increase or decrease brightness of display backlight.

This widget allows you to easily manage the energy consumption to increase the autonomy for long flights. Check more details in the Action buttons subsection of XCTrack Pro widgets manual.

Read also more details about best brightness level  for AIR³ in this FAQ.

Altitude statistics

Statistics of the flight such as Thermal strength, Wind strength and direction, Ground speed and direction.

Check more details in the Air section page of XCTrack Pro widgets manual.


Check more details in the Altimeter/QNH settings of the XCTrack Menu/Preferences page

You can get the QNH either from Metar or from a weather station.


Check more details in the Display settings of the XCTrack Menu/Preferences page.

You can change the color of all titles and of the title outline to your prefered color.



For both map widgets (XC map and Task map), you can chose your prefered color for your tracklog

See more details in the XCTrack Pro Widgets Manual.



Check more details in the “General information regarding widget configuration” of the XCTrack ProWidgets Manual.

You can change any widget title.


Non-Pro users can use the built-in layout. Pro users can build their own layout in a similar way as normal XCTrack pages.

For more details, check here.