December 15, 2021

XC Guide specificities for AIR³ & XCTrack

XC Guide is probably AIR³’s best “additional app” for AIR³. You can either use it as a stand-alone application, using it as a flight computer, or use it alongside XCTrack, in the background, to extend the functionalities of any AIR³ or to communicate with AIR³ FANET/Flarm module included in AIR³ 7.3+.

You can find more details about the use of XC Guide on XC Guide website.

You can find hereunder more details about the use of XC Guide with AIR³. Check particularly the section for AIR³ 7.3+ hereunder. XC Guide communicates directly with the internal FANET & FLARM module of AIR³ 7.3+ and provides many features related to this module.

Use XC Guide with any AIR³ (or any XCTrack)

You can get OGN and other livetracking pilots directly on XCTrack map (Input) and/or be tracked in different livetracking platforms through XC Guide, including OGN (Output).


Read more details about XC Guide that can be used to get OGN and other livetracking pilots directly on XCTrack map through this FAQ: https://www.fly-air3.com/en/ufaqs/see-flarm-devices-and-others-around-you/. This is valid for OGN, but also for Livetrack24, Skylines, Flymaster, Airwhere, XC Globe, ADS-B traffic, Fanet, Flarm, SPOT & Garmin inReach.

Set XC Guide as a localhost server for XCTrack and configure XCTrack to get input information through an external TCP sensor. XCTrack will display aircrafts provided by XC Guide directly on the map.

To use start automatically XC Guide while AIR³ boots up, have it hidden, set it as TCP server to transfer data to XCTrack and avoid downloading maps, import the available settings file into XC Guide.

Note: for Air³ 7.2 and before, the settings file has to be copied in Internal storage/XCguide; for AIR³ 7.3 and up, the settings file has to be copied in Internal storage/Android/data/indysoft.xc_guide/files.

Check the video in the Quick video tutos!


Commercial aircrafts could also be detected by XC Guide and transferred to XCTrack as localhost server, in order to see them on XCTrack maps.

Here is the traffic one could see with Flightradar24:

Set the Opensky ADS B filter in the Livetracking menu of XC Guide. Once XC Guide has a GPS fix, it will display the aircrafts around and/or transfer them to XCTrack.



Read more details about XC Guide which can be used to be seen on OGN through this FAQ: https://www.fly-air3.com/en/ufaqs/be-seen-on-the-open-glider-network/ . This is valid for OGN, but also for Livetrack24, Skylines, Airwhere and XC Globe. Enter your dedicated credentials and XC Guide will take care of sending the info to the desired platform.

XC Guide for AIR³ 7.3+

XC Guide has been customized to communicate with FANET/Flarm Module of AIR³ 7.3+. XC Guide detects automatically AIR³ FANET/Flarm module.


Go to XC Guide settings and select BLE, FANET, FLARM settings.


Select Fanet settings. You can enable or disable the AIR³ FANET Module.

Once activated, AIR³ sends Fanet and Flarm data for other aircrafts around and receives Fanet data.


XC Guide allows to take advantage of all Fanet features.


Click on the pilot to get a contextual menu


Send preset or custom messages, SOS or retrieve requests.

USE XC Guide to update the FLARM licence expiration date

WARNING!: USe XC Guide V 425 or up!

To upgrade the FLARM licence, click on the FLARM LOGO in the info window and follow the steps. (Note: a new FLARM licence file with updated expiration date is available 1-2 months before expiration date).

If you have downloaded the FLARM licence file, you can select a local file that you have previously copied in Android/data/indysoft.xc_guide/files/Feeds. Otherwise, use “Download firmware” to directly get the licence file (internet required).

Once XC Guide has loaded the licence file, you can start the update process.

Watch the video in the quick tuto videos’ page, showing how to upgrade the Flarm licence through XC Guide.


XC Guide for any AIR³ 7.3

XC Guide detects automatically AIR³ 7.3 (or 7.3+).

By default, it sets F1 short press button to screen britghtness change (toggle from darker to system setting, like an on/off switch), F2 short press to App layout change, F1 long press to Map zoom in and F2 long press to Map zoom out.

If you want to modify these settings, open settings and go to the BLE, FANET, FLARM & ADS-B menu. Then click on the iTag & AIR³ F1 F2 actions.

Click on the action you want to modify.

Select the desired option.

During your flight, use one of the 4 customized actions.