January 19, 2020

Software Upgrade instructions

You can find the latest software versions for AIR³ here:

Watch the video

Please follow preferably the instructions below:

Manual upgrade of XCTrack & Air³ Manager

  • Click the following link to download the latest apps:

  • Download the new APK
  • Use the File Manager to reach the downloaded APK located in Myfavorite folder.
  • Click on the downloaded APK to install it.
  • Once both APK installed, we recommend to “reset” the settings of XCTrack thanks the AIR³ Manager, in order to take advantage of the new default settings defined for AIR³ (note that this would erase your customisations).

Alternative way to upgrade XCTrack:

XCTrack upgrade through Play Store

We recommend to manually upgrade XCTrack as described hereabove. However, XCTrack can be upgraded through Play Store. Note that the version of XCTrack may not be the latest version while upgrading through Play Store.

Upgrading via Play Store requires that you are enrolled in the XCTrack beta program to access the latest version available (Once logged in, click here).

Don’t forget to also activate your registration to the Beta program in Play Store by joining the beta.

Specific instructions:

AIR³ Manager

In order to take into account the new settings for XCTrack provided by AIR³ Manager, once both apps have been upgraded, go to Menu of AIR³ Manager and select XCTrack Interface. Click on the “reset” button (note that All your personal customizations of XCTrack will be lost). New settings will be taken into account after restart of XCTrack.

The “reset” is converting XCTrack interface in Expert profile. Should you wish to use a different profile, change the profile according to your preferences in AIR³ Manager menu/XCTrack Interface after the reset.

XCTrack Pro

AIR³ is provided with a perpetual licence of XCTrack Pro. This licence is provided through a file located in the Bootstrap folder. This bootstrap file is unique and directly related to the AIR³ number.
If you uninstall XCTrack Pro before installing the new version, the Bootstrap file (.xcbs) might be deleted. Save this file first before uninstalling.

To know more about the new features of XCTrack compared with the version you were using, read more details here