October 23, 2019

XCTrack Pro Widgets – Others

This page gives details on the widgets that are in the “Others” subsection. They can be accessed by customizing the XCTrack Pro pages pre-installed on AIR³. Remember that your customisations will be lost if you reset XCTrack Pro interface with AIR³ Manager, if you change the profile (Kiss, Easy, Expert, Paramotor) or if you load a different configuration file ‘xcfg’.

Click on the + sign to read the details.

Free text

Note yourself what you want.

Edit the text to display whatever you want to note.

You have different options for choosing text color (custom or based on presets), background color (custom or based on presets), text size, bold or italic text.

Text padding can also be modified to define a margin around the text in the widget.

Web page

Show a web page as a widget.

URL: just write the URL of the web page you want to display.

You can use placeholders ${lat} and ${lng} for current latitude and longitude. For example: this is the URL for getting a public transport itinerary to Prague from current location: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/?api=1&origin=${lat},${lng}&destination=Prague&travelmode=transit

There are 3 ways to connect AIR³ to internet. The easiest way is to use the 4G connection with a Sim card. Alternatively, you can connect through Wifi or Bluetooth if you have an internet hotspot available (router or data sharing of your phone).

Watch the tuto video dedicated to the webpage widget in our videos’ page here.

To refresh the webpage, either you set a refresh rate to automatically refresh the page, or set it to 0 sec. but long press on the widget to refresh the page.

If you want to position the page to display, swipe up on the widget once you have quit the customized mode (normal mode). You can zoom in, zoom out, position the window to display. Once done, you can save the position.

If the save button is placed on another button on the page, you can change the position of the save button.

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