January 28, 2020

First steps

With AIR³ connected to internet (wifi, bluetooth, USB or 4G (Sim card required) or with any computer:

1/ Register on AIR³ website to stay informed.

2/ Register on Xcontest website for cloud flights and advanced XCTrack features. Keep username and password for next step.

3/ With AIR³, launch XCTrack Pro and fill in your details (follow the wizard or go to Preferences/Pilot and click on “login to Xcontest” after you have written your username and password.

4/ Watch the Software Tuto videos to learn more about AIR³ features

  • Startup and Air³ Manager
  • XCTrack Pro
  • Tracks Management
  • Competition
  • Airspace Management
  • Maps and Elevation files

5/ Setup the Base if you are using one or the Velcro.

If you are using a Base, watch these videos:

If you are not using a Base but want to use the provided velcro directly on the AIR³, please take into account the following advises:

  • Wait 48H after placing the Velcro for maximum grip
  • Do not cover the speaker unless the sound level of the vario will be too weak
  • Do not cover the camera and the hole for the pressure sensor
Photo of the back with velcros

6/ Enjoy

Google device registration

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