March 5, 2020


If you have reached this page, it is either because you have browsed the support pages or because you have tried to use the Openair2AIR³ button without the right configuration. Here are info to better understand this feature!

Openair2AIR³: get easily a validated Openair file shared with you on a google drive

Airspaces information are usually provided to the instrument through an Openair file. The AIRSPACE is continuously evolving. This means that Openair files should be regularly updated based on these updates.

There are 2 ways to let XCTrack get an Openair file:

  • Validated Openair file through Air³ Manager with Openair2AIR3 button or on boot of the device.
  • Automatic within XCTrack: XCtrack/Airspaces/Web

Check the video for more details

Getting an Openair file through AIR³ Manager (Openair2AIR3 button or on boot):

Openair files should ideally be produced based on a daily analysis of the Notam in order to humanly determine which airspaces are activated or not. 

A group of pilots focusing on a given region should organise themselves to validate Openair files corresponding to their region and publish them on a Google Drive folder. Sharing that folder with the pilots that are interested, AIR³ manager can automatically download the latest Openair file published (or directly through the Openair2AIR3 button). 

Air³ Manager will copy the airspace files in OpenAir format to ‘’XCTrack/Airspaces’’ directory as “Most_recent_OA.txt” and make a second copy in the directory. By choosing that individual airspace file”Most_recent_OA.txt” once for all, Air³ will automatically use the latest Openair file published on that shared folder without any difficuty.

In order to have this mechanism work, you need:

  • an internet connection when trying to get the Openair file
  • a google account set on the AIR³
  • reading or writing rights on a Google shared drive into which the Openair file are published
  • Openair files that have the correct conventional structure (name)

You can also have more details here

 Automatic openair file update from airspace.xctontest.org:

XCTrack can use airspaces from http://airspace.xcontest.org automatically. 

Choose countries in Preferences -> Airspaces -> Web Tap ‘’Refresh’’ 

Airspace activations are automatically checked upon XCTrack restart 

Airspaces are computed automatically through a “robot”.