April 6, 2020

XCTrack Pro Manual

XCTrack Pro Manual for AIR³

Comprehensive XCTrack manual. Read also more details about all the widgets in the XCTrack Pro Widgets Manual. You may also like to watch the XCTrack videos tutorial.

XCTrack Pro integrated in AIR³ works the same way as any other XCTrack.

XCTrack Pro and XCTrack (standard) are same. The Pro licence activates additional features. See the list of Pro features here.

XCTrack Pro installed on AIR³ is based on the beta version of XCTrack. So, there are features explained in this manual that can be found in the Beta version of XCTrack, not available in XCTrack standard version.

XCTrack Pro installed on AIR³ is preconfigured and ready to fly. AIR³ is provided with customized and pre-configured pages and settings according to the pilot profile that has been selected with AIR³ Manager and based on the specifications of AIR³.

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XCTrack Launch Open menuZoom in/outSwitch pagesPrevious/Next waypointIncrease/decrease brightnessMake a callTurn on/off vario soundQuit XCTrack

Waypoints ( + Files + Waypoints)Back to takeoffTriangle closingWaypoint (Go to)Competition task/routeCreate a route/task with the Friendly Air Tool and scan the QR code generated into AIR³ easily

StatsRoutesXcontestCloud flightsIGC replay

Read more details in the XCTrack Pro Widgets  Manual below

PilotLivetrackingAircraftXC Disciplines and CompetitionAltimeter/QNH settingsAirspaces (+ Web + Files + Activate + Settings)Maps (+ Terrain + RoadMap)Sound (+ Acoustic Vario + Custom sound)DisplayPage LayoutKey bindingsAutomatic actionsConnection & sensorsAndroid integrationTesting & DebugSubscription & Pro.

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