March 8, 2023


Need support?

Autonomy of AIR³?

Battery life and maintenance?

Be seen on OGN (Open Glider Network)

Best brightness level with AIR³?

Buy an AIR³?

Can I make a call with AIR³ without a SIM card?

Can I see the thermal map and/or hotspots on my AIR³

Can I take pictures and videos with AIR³?

Can I use AIR³ as a GPS system for land navigation?

Can I use an eSIM with AIR³?

Commands through voice

Compatibility with Apple smartphone or computer

Create a route/flight plan/task

Customize the interface?

Difficulty to get GPS signal?

Do I need an option?

Enable Flarm/Fanet on AIR³ 7.3+?

Enable Livetracking?

Enable weak lift sniffer? Double beep sound

Fanet, Flarm and Livetracking

Free up memory space?

How can I find my AIR³ that I have lost?

How can I see commercial aircrafts on XCTrack map?

How can I use AIR³ as a power bank?

How do I automatically update my apps via Play Store?

How do I reset XCTrack/AIR³ to its default settings?

How do I return the device to its original state when it was new?

How to test the Fanet/Flarm Module?

How to disable “Adaptive brightness” with AIR³ 7.3?

How to display cities with bigger font on the map?

How to get the best readability?

How to sync contacts?

Increase vario volume?

Is AIR³ compatible with other Android Software?

Is Air³ compatible with polarized glasses?

Is AIR³ ideal for competition?

Is AIR³ preconfigured? Does is contain maps? Terrain?

Is AIR³ suitable for beginners?

Is Flarm working everywhere?

Is it a good vario? What is the accuracy of the barometer?

Should I use the internal compass to find the heading?

Update Airspace so that I can make sure to not violate a prohibited airspace?

What are the differences between AIR³ 7.1 and AIR³ 7.2?

What are the differences between AIR³ 7.2 and AIR³ 7.3?

What are the differences between AIR³ 7.3+ V1 and AIR³ 7.3+ V2?

What are the differences between AIR³ 7.3 and AIR³ 7.35 ?

What is the AIR³ Manager?

What is the difference between AIR³ and a low cost phone or tablet on which I can install XCTrack?

Why do I get a message “This app is blocked” when I try to use the download of Openair files with AIR³ Manager?

Why don’t I get data with my SIM card?

Why is the vario sound weaker after a rapid descent (7.3)?

XCTrack Pro licence