Commands through voice

AIR³ can be commanded through voice thanks to Voice Access.

To activate this feature:

  • Go to Play store and type “Voice Access”. (you need a google account to access Play store)
  • Install Voice Access
  • Go to Settings/Accessibility/Voice Access to configure it. As it is most of the time the case, always allow permissions when requested.
    • Enable Use Voice Access
    • Enable Voice Access shortcut
    • Click on Settings
    • Click on Voice Access commands to learn about the available commands by category

Here are the most useful commands related to our needs:

  • To switch pages, you can use “Scroll Right/Left”
  • “Scroll down” allows you to enter into toggle map mode. You can then use “Scroll Up/down/left/right” to navigate.
  • “Go Back” / “Again” are also pretty useful commands
  • “Start Zooming” will magnify the screen. “Stop Zooming” will stop the magnification. Note that this is not similar as using the zoom button or the zoom widget of XCTrack.
  • If you switch between two different apps (for example switching from XCTrack and XC Guide), make sure the 2 apps are running and use the command “Previous app” to switch from one and the other.
  • “Show numbers” is a useful command depending on the app used. Then say “Tap + (the number)” and it is similar as clicking on that button.
  • “Show grid” will split the screen into squares. You can then just say the number of the square or “Tap + (the number of the square)” to simulate a click on that zone. This can be very useful for zoom in/out or Previous/Next Waypoint widgets. Remember also that a widget can be hidden behind the map. Once finished, “Hide grid”…