Need support?

In case you face an issue with your device, here are some comments to take into account.

We receive a lot of support questions that are user related and that can be solved easily. So, when you contact us, please make sure to comply with all the requests indicated here below in the “Before contacting us” section.

1/ Before contacting us

  • Do not make a factory reset. Factory resetting the device will erase everything, including the XCTrack Pro licence, maps, terrrain files, etc. If you absolutely need to make a factory reset, contact us to get the procedure first.
  • In order to avoid any concerns related to an incorrect configuration, the first things to do are
    • Export your XCTrack configuration (pages only). Check here more details how to export. This step allows you to import back your configuration afterwards.
    • Update XCTrack and AIR³ Manager. Check here how to upgrade. This step is important to make sure the issue you are facing has not already been solved in a more recent version of the app.
    • Reset XCTrack configuration. Launch Air³ Manager, go to the menu /XCTrack interface/, click on reset. Check here how to reset XCTrack interface. This step allows to make sure that the issue is not linked to a change you have made to XCTrack configuration. By using the default configuration of AIR³, we eliminate all possible errors coming from a wrong configuration.
    • Restart XCTrack. Make sure to quit XCTrack from XCTrack menu.
    • Test without doing any customization to check if the problem still appears.

  • Note that there is full online manual available here: https://www.fly-air3.com/en/support/air3-xctrack-manual/ . This manual is online and therefore indexed by Google. Most of the time it is very easy to get to the right page by searching for some answers directly with Google. We strongly recommend that you read the instructions related to the problem you are having to make sure that it is not just a problem of understanding how things work.

  • It is strongly recommended to read the faqs and watch our tuto videos here: https://www.fly-air3.com/en/support/ . There are many specific issues that are addressed in our FAQ. Have a look to make sure the issue has not already been addressed. Some people prefer to watch videos rather than read instructions. Check out our videos, which cover most of the questions you might have.

2/ Contacting us: IMEI + Video

If the problem is not solved while you have followed the previous advices, contact us through Whatsapp or telegram (+32495249656).

When you contact us, please provide us with your IMEI, your model (7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.3+, …) in order to let us identify your unit, and a short video describing the problem.

Check here below more details how to find your IMEI.

IMEI number can be found:

  • on the box of the device when you bought it
  • on the back of the device
  • in Settings/About device/IMEI (depending on Android version, you may need to find it in Settings/System/About device/Status)
  • in XCTrack Preferences/About XCTrack by clicking on the XCTrack version and then scrolling down.
  • If you still can’t find your IMEI but found the MEID, please provide it to us (MEID is the same as IMEI with missing last number).

To get quickly a solution, please show in your video all settings related to the problem that are set correctly.

A support request with a video clearly showing that all of these recommendations have been followed will be prioritized.