Be seen on OGN (Open Glider Network)

With any AIR³, XC Guide, running in the background, can display your position on OGN through an internet connection. With Air³ +, the FANET and FLARM module would display your position on OGN.

You can also configure XC Guide and XCTrack to see others (Flarm, Flymaster, Livetrack24, XC Globe,…).

To know how to configure your Air³ to be seen on OGN through internet, read the procedure below or watch the tuto video to learn how to configure your AIR³ to be seen on OGN via XC Guide in the videos tuto page.

Install XC guide on AIR³.

In XC guide, tap on the information blue button and scroll the XC guide status windows down to Open Glider Network

Tap on “New ID” and write down the Device ID and Competition ID provided.

Create an account on OGN

Login with your OGN account. Add a new device and fill in the info that you wrote down. Select OGN as device type, select paraglider as aircraft type.

Once done, verify with XC guide that everything is working as expected (third button in the XC guide status window.

Go to Settings/Livetracking/Open Glider Network (OGN) and set your OGN options.

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