Enable Livetracking?

AIR³ is provided with a version of XCTrack Pro with Livetracking features. To use this feature, you need to have an active internet connection (Ideally through a SIM card, but also through Wifi (data sharing through your mobile phone or Bluetooth).

You can of course see other pilots using XCtrack livetracking on the map, but you can also see other pilots using other livetracking technologies, directly on the map. For more info, read this FAQ.

You will be seen on the XContest Live page of course… but you can also be seen on Open Glider Network. For more info, read this FAQ.

So, the very first thing to check is that you have an internet connection. Go to Menu/Preferences/Pïlot and click on “Login to Xcontest”. Your status should be “Logged in to Xcontest”. Alternatively, you can also test to send a message through Whatsapp, open the browser to try to reach www.fly-air3.com.

Note that if you have just installed a new SIM card, you may need to configure an APN (Access Point Name). Go to Android Settings/Network & internet/Mobile network/Access Point Names and click on the plus sign to add the APN. You should get details about how to configure the APN from your mobile network provider.

First, make sure to enable Livetracking in Menu/Preferences.

See more details about Livetracking settings here.

Not successful? Troubleshooting…

In order to identify what may going wrong if you are not successful, check the different info that can be obtained thanks to the Status line widget in the System section of XCTrack Pro widgets manual.

You may face other issues:

1/ No Livetracking menu in Preferences.

2/ I have an active internet connection but Livetracking is not working.

1/ No Livetracking menu in Preferences.

The Livetracking feature is available in the new version XCTrack. This means that if youhave installed an old version of XCTrack, you may have a version without Livetracking.Install a recent version of XCTrack.

2/ I have checked that I have an internet connection working, but I still can’t enableLivetracking.

Most probably, you are not logged into XContest. Check in Menu/Preferences/Pilot your details that should correspond to your Xcontest account. Make sure you are logged into Xcontest before trying to enable livetracking.

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