XCTrack Pro licence

AIR³ is provided with a perpetual licence of XCTrack Pro. The licence is linked to the device, not the pilot.

The perpetual licence is generated by a long file name (called Bootstrap file) located in the Bootstrap folder of XCTrack, ending by .xcbs.

That perpetual licence file is based on the IMEI number of the device and is linked to the product name registered in the system. In other words, the licence can only work with the specific AIR³ for which the Bootstrap file has been produced.

Here are a few comments related to the Pro licence mechanism, in case you experience difficulties with XCTrack PRO.

  • The device name and product name should be AIR3
  • The xcbs file (Bootstrap file) has to be located in the Bootstrap folder of XCTrack (it is case sensitive)
  • The xcbs file is directly related to the IMEI number for which it has been produced, make sure to use the right xcbs file
  • Check the date and time of the device. Wrong date and/or time may drive to Pro activation failure.

If you have accidentally erased the bootstrap file and you try to activate back the pro licence, here are a few comments to take into account:

  • Layout change. First of all, XCTrack needs to recognize the file, check that it is related to the IMEI of the device and the name of the device. The xcbs file contains pages layout made for AIR³. If you see the pages layout that has changed after starting XCTrack, it means that the xcbs file has been recognized by XCTrack. This is the first important step.
  • Time check and GPS fix. Once the file has been taken into account, XCTrack licence mechanism will check the date and time of the unit and compare it with the GPS time. Therefore, the date and time has to be set correctly on the device (Check settings/system/date and time), the time zone needs to be set correctly and the unit needs to have a GPS fix (GPS time should be indicated in the widget “Time”). Once the unit has a GPS fix, restart XCTrack.

Note that the name of the xcbs file must remain exactly the same. Make sure you haven’t changed the name.

If you have checked all the previous points and still cannot get the Pro features within XCTrack, send us a video via whatsapp showing the various details explained hereabove, including the full name of the xcbs file. To view the full name, select the file, then click on the 3 dots at the top right and select get info.

If, for some reason, you don’t have any xcbs file related to your device in XCTrack’s Bootstrap folder, first check your device’s root folder if you have a folder name that contains numbers. This number should match your IMEI. In this folder you should find the xcbs file. Just copy it to the Bootstrap folder of XCTrack. If you no longer have this folder containing the xcbs file (after a factory reset for example. Note that before performing any factory reset you must first save this xcbs file), then you must contact us to get a new xcbs file. In this case, you must provide us with your IMEI.

IMEI number can be found:

  • on the box of the device when you bought it
  • on the back of the device
  • in Settings/About device/IMEI (depending on Android version, you may need to find it in Settings/System/About device/Status)
  • in XCTrack Preferences/About XCTrack by clicking on the XCTrack version and then scrolling down.
  • If you still can’t find your IMEI but found the MEID, please provide it to us (MEID is the same as IMEI with missing last number).
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