Increase vario volume?

If you are not satisfied with the volume of the vario, you have most probably made one of these 2 errors: velcro on the speaker or the volume is not set properly.


In the first steps page and instructions of the Quick user manual, we give instructions how to set the Velcro if you are not using a Base.

If you place the velcro as you can see in the following picture, you will definitely get the sound muted by the velcro:

Set the volume to maximum (100%)

You can set the volume of the vario in Menu/Preferences/Sound/Acoustic Vario/Volume. The percentage corresponds to the percentage of the system volume. This means that if you set the volume on 50% and the system volume is 50% of the maximum, you will get 25% of volume. Set the volume of the Acoustic vario to 100% to get the highest level of sound if you are not satisfied with the volume. In order to make sure that the system volume is maximum, please make sure to enable “Turn up the volume on startup” in Menu/Preferences/Sound/Automatic volume/ and set the “Pre-set master volume” on 100% .

Read more details about settings in Menu/Preferences/Sound/Acoustic vario

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