Is AIR³ preconfigured? Does is contain maps? Terrain?

Yes. AIR³ is preconfigured with a customized and improved version of XCTrack Pro. It includes a perpetual license of XCTrack Pro. AIR³ is also preconfigured with all the Maps and all the Terrain files of the main countries where it is shipped. You can add easily more maps and more Terrain should you need other regions. Read more in Menu/Preferences/Map details in the XCTrack Pro Manual.

Check the video here how to install additional maps and terrain.

Alternatively, you can also get a 128 Gb SD-card with pre-installed maps of the world.

This SD card contains maps of every country in the world. When you travel to a new country, simply copy the corresponding country into the XCTrack subfolder. Watch this video to find out how.

Check the intefaces Here

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