Compatibility with Apple smartphone or computer

A lot of AIR³ pilots are Apple minded. Before going AIR³, they are wondering if they will be able to use AIR³ and if AIR³ is compatible with their Apple computer.

AIR³ is based on Android, but you do not need to be familiar with Android to use AIR³. Unlike other flight instruments, AIR³ is based on current smartphone / tablet technologies. But to use it for flights, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of Android. Once you get it, you turn it on and off you go flying.

There are many features that you can take advantage of, but you don’t need to activate them to use them.

AIR³ is compatible with any Apple computer just like an Android smartphone. That being said, it doesn’t really tell you if it’s compatible with your Apple computer.

Well, perhaps it’s important to remind you that compatibility between devices is done differently these days. Why is that? Because more and more we are using applications to let devices talk to each other, rather than trying to connect devices to each other with a cable.

For example, with a traditional flight instrument, if you want to load waypoints, share a task or route, upload your track to a competition website, etc., most of the time you need to connect your instrument to your computer by cable and then transfer these files to or from your instrument. With AIR³, most of these actions can be performed directly by connecting to the Internet. AIR³ is a computr by itself.

  • To get a waypoint file, just go on the competition website with the browser, get the file on the web and save it in the right folder.
  • To share a task, share it by whatsapp, by email, by Messenger or just share it through a QR code.
  • To get your track, if you have set to automatically upload your track after landing, you can directly get your track on your Xcontest account either in IGC or KML format. If you have not automatically uploaded, just upload it in your cloud flights so that you can easily get it from any computer.

If you still want to connect the AIR³ to an Apple computer, the easiest way is to use an application based on your local network. You will then see the AIR³ as if it were connected by cable.

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