How do I reset XCTrack/AIR³ to its default settings?

If you want to return the device to its original state when it was new, check this FAQ.

AIR³-XCTrack is preconfigured with ideal settings, according to its specificities. AIR³ Manager communicates with XCTrack to set it ideally.

Maybe you have made some changes to the interface or to other settings but you actually prefer to use back the default settings. You can reset it with AIR³ Manager.

When new features become available in XCTrack, a new version of AIR³ Manager allows pilots to take advantage of the specific way to use these new features throughthe reset available in AIR³ Manager.

Check how to reset XCTrack to its default settings in the AIR³ Manager manual.

If you want to be able to get back your previous settings/layout, don’t forget to first export your configuration.

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