How do I return the device to its original state when it was new?

First of all, DO NOT MAKE A FACTORY RESET! A factory reset will erase many information, including the XCTrack Pro licence (as well as all maps and terrain that will take a lot of time to reinstall).

So, here is a list of items that will allow you to set it back as it was originally:

  • Remove your Google account: settings/accounts/ click on your account, then click on “Remove account” and confirm.
  • Remove all apps that have been installed. Keep your finger on the app, then click on the (i) to open the APP info. Click on Uninstall. If you can’t uninstall, this means this is a system app that can’t be uninstall.
  • Use Files app to browse the files stored on the unit. First check XCTrack subfolders. You may want to remove all tracklogs of your flights (igc files). Airspaces, Config, Log, Tasks and Waypoints may also contain files that are directly linked to your use of the unit. Check also Images, Videos, Audio, Documents and Downloads for possible files you may want to remove. Click on Gallery to check if any additional files are seen with this app.
  • Use Contacts to check that you have not added your own contacts you may want to remove.
  • Use Email to check that no messages are still available.
  • Use AIR³ Manager to reset XCTrack interface as described here.
  • Make sure there is no SIM card and/or SD card left in the unit.

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