How can I see commercial aircrafts on XCTrack map?

With an internet connection, XC Guide is able to get commercial traffic and transfer the data to XCTrack through a TCP link. To know more about this feature and how to configure it, check this VIDEO.Check also more explanation here.

Difficulty to get GPS signal?

AIR³ is equipped with a performing GPS. However, you may experience some problems to get a good GPS signal in certain cases. Here are a few hints to discover why you would have faced such issue. If you still face issues after following these recommandations, send us a small video through whatsapp showing 1/ the Read more about Difficulty to get GPS signal?[…]

XCTrack Pro licence

AIR³ is provided with a perpetual licence of XCTrack Pro. The licence is linked to the device, not the pilot. The perpetual licence is generated by a long file name (called Bootstrap file) located in the Bootstrap folder of XCTrack, ending by .xcbs. That perpetual licence file is based on the IMEI number of the Read more about XCTrack Pro licence[…]

Battery life and maintenance?

For info regarding battery autonomy while flying, check this FAQ. For more info regarding brightness settings and consequences on battery autonomy while flying, check this FAQ. AIR³’s lithium ion batteries are expected to provide 300 to 500 full cycles. Once you receive your brand new AIR³, it is recommended that you perform 3 full discharge Read more about Battery life and maintenance?[…]