What are the differences between AIR³ 7.3+ V1 and AIR³ 7.3+ V2?

The only difference is the Fanet/Flarm module inside the unit.

The consequences are:

  • Both modules can transmit and receive Fanet.
  • V1 can only transmit Flarm, not receive. V2 can do both transmit and receive Flarm.
  • V1 could only use 868 Mhz, which means only EU. However, with the latest firmware upgrade provided in december 2022, the module can now also communicate on other frequencies for Fanet.
    V2 can use the different frequencies, both for Fanet and Flarm.

Note that V2 can receive both Fanet and Flarm but, if a Fanet signal is received from a given pilot, the Flarm signal will be ignored as it would become irrelevant.

How to identify if the unit is V1 or V2? There is nothing outside that can differentiate a V1 and a V2. All units produced after november 2022 are V2. All units produced before that date are V1.

Read more details about enabling Fanet and Flarm module in this FAQ.

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